Thursday, March 6, 2014

Three baby tickers...

I know a couple blog readers get freaked out by the spinning baby widgets...:P
But I have three one is for the actual due date. One is for the 34 weeks and the last is for Mother's day!
I am so excited to be able to wait. The baby hopefully will be able to come home and room in with me! My children love to see babies especially mine.
My kids are all coming today after school. I can't wait to see them!!! They must be having the time of their lives!!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Still here...:)

So it has been about 40 days since I got here, all kind of emotions have gone through me.

I am so happy he is almost 34 weeks  I cannot believe I made it this far. 
The kids are doing fine except for Jaden, I think he has been counting down and thought maybe tomorrow would be the day, but I explained to him that if the baby stays in only one more week we can bring him home with us and he won't have to stay here. I just hope that that happens, I really want everything to be OK, but I have been scared for so long, I just can't let go of the worry.
GJ had to bring Naomi to the ER on Friday, he has a double ear infection. It's her first ear infection. My kids have been very lucky and do not seem prone to them.
But he was sent home with 10 days of antibiotics and some ear drops which are a pain killer. I wish i knew what the Dr. had said. He couldn't tell me and didn't think to give the paperwork to my Mom. It is REALLY frustrating not being able to communicate on things like this and the language barrier gets hard. It's a test for sure on our love for each other. When you are in love you think language is no barrier, but when you have five plus kids and you aren't there to manage care, trust me it's a big barrier! He is good most of the time, but as far as listening to a Dr. he kind of loses it all...he mentioned something was in both ears....but couldn't tell me any details...

Oh well, hard to micro manage when I am in a hospital 45 minutes away!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Don't I have some good looking kids?

Man, I am knocked out with a sinus infection, at first I thought maybe I was wrong about the flu mist and that my kids had just caught a common flu when I came down with a 102 fever and headache, but as I felt the pressure on my eyes and could barely even move them without it hurting, I realized I have a full blown sinus infection. I used to get them like once a year and always ended up in the walk-in clinic for a dose of antibiotics.....

Ever since I moved here though I have been fine, but I guess my luck only lasts so long....DARN! I was up all night last night with a pounding headache in my eyes and fever times, I finally took like three ibuprofen and passed out after the headache finally went away...still feel the pressure though!

So, I feel a teeny bit better today, but not 100%, so glad I don't have to work today though!
The kids are all healthy now for the time being, which makes me even more sure about the flu mist being the culprit, when one is sick they all get sick, but Jaden, Naomi and Kai-Li (although she had a bad headache after) all remained puke and fever free.....than goodness!
Wow, it must be so exciting reading my blog lately...all about illnesses...ya, that's us.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

poor baby

As many of you know I choose to wait until 2 years to vaccinate my children. Well one of the downsides to that is that until two years they could catch something not so nice.
* (Just looked it up, and supposedly the vaccine for rubella isn't given until later on, so she may have gotten it whether or not I vaccinate early.)
Well, guess who caught German measles? Yup, you guessed it, my only child under age two!
It's a mild illness, so nothing really worrisome, although it is itchy as it begins to heal.
It started with a rash on the legs and now is a full body rash. I'm going to post pictures in the morning (it's 3:26am now and she is sleeping, but she has been wanting to be nursing like all the time......)
Well, I guess if you want to look on the bright side, she is as good as vaccinated after this and won't have to worry about ever getting it again. I am just trying to wrack my brain as to where she may have picked it up, and the first guess would be at the Dr.'s office last week when I brought Jaden in for an appointment....gotta really love those Dr.'s office toys...ah hem....the funny thing is as I was bringing the there I was thinking to myself "hmmm, I wonder what we will pick up from there this time?" I guess I got my answer.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

She is so silly.
The kids have been settling back into the school routine. It's amazing how fast the time goes. The leaves are already turning color. I really love this time of year though, so I don't mind.
Last night at the restaurant was really busy, but I handled it pretty well. I only make money about one day. The other days it's hit or miss really.
I think when the kids get a but older I might try and train as a respiratory therapist, I have had to work with many of them because of my kids being sick and needing to have respiratory treatments etc. Anyway, it takes two years to be certified, so it's something to think about. I certainly don't feel like being a waitress for the rest of my life. But for now it partially pays the bills.
Bailey is all into Thomas the train, so my brain is turning into mush watching the ever exciting's almost as exciting as watching paint dry.....
I have been reading the Sookie Stackhouse series, HBO has a show called "True Blood" based on the series. They are pretty good. Kind of like a murder mystery vampire werewolf hot sex kind of
Oh Naomi actually letting go of furniture now and standing for a couple of seconds. I am not impressed.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Rolling the dice is nice!

I usually don't gamble, but when I do, I always try to make it worth my time. Last week my friends on Facebook were pestering me about some kind of new game. It's called dice but not the regular kind you use for board games. There's a website where you can play with a virtual dice and bet on where it rolls.

Here's an example scenario. If you were betting on the dice stopping over 49, then you would press the "roll HI" button. Let's say the result was 70. That is within the range you selected, so you win!

As you can see, it's actually a good way to spend your time. I had a really nice winning streak when betting. In fact, one site claims that there's a bot for betting automatically. It should be able to do martingales and cancellation betting. I'm not a believer in those because you never win. There is a lot of lag that happens when you turn it on.

Naturally, you would probably blame variance if you lost too much, but it's actually because the sites are rigged. Entertainment is why I gamble, not for profit.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

old picture

Can you find Gi Jye in this picture?
He is in the second row, standing next to the guy in white (first time meeting his older brother from America) In the very back are Gi Jye's parents, his Dad looks so much like him, but skinnier. Same no smile face though! lol
You can tell how poor they are, all the kids are dirty and shoeless and the adults look all worn out. His parents are in their 40s here, but look much older.
The little girl in front is Gi Jye's younger sister. A lot of people think Kai-Li looks like her, but I don't see it in this picture. She is so skinny. Now though She is chubbier, and I can see Kai-Li in her a bit.
Gi Jye's kid face reminds me of Kai-Li because he still had the chubby cheeks! But if you look one over from Gi Jye, you see his brother "Bo bo" and I think he looks a lot like Kai-Li, same chubby nose and same mouth.
The two old people in front are Gi ye's grandparents. The light skinned girl in the back with the bangs is Gi yes oldest sister. She still lives in China. I wish the picture was better quality. Maybe I'll ask his Mom if I can copy it. This is just a picture I took with my camera of the
I didn't ask, but I am guessing this is his Mom's family and sisters, because they look alike.