Monday, February 25, 2013

a post!

Well I guess I should update! Things are going really well, I am not making money yet, but I feel as if I am very blessed and that in time I will.
The kids are great as well. Jaden finally after all these years has an IEP in place with para help in each class and they are going to utilize his i pad in the class room as much as possible.
Bailey is super smart getting very good grades in Kindergarten above grade level. I an certain he won't follow in his brothers foot steps. His favorite word to spell is still POOP but you know he's six what do you expect.
Naomi is at home with me, she was too shy and wouldn't talk in class to her friends or teachers, she is so smart and talkative at home, and the teacher was hinting that something was wrong, I just decided to wait anther year they grow up so fast and she is a sponge she can learn as much even socialization at home and at home she is much more comfortable to socialize. So we will give it a whirl next year.
Kai-Li is blossoming into such a little lady. She loves to read and write in her diary. She is really responsible with her belongings and takes care of personal hygiene etc without being asked. Just an easy kid to have all around. She has really come out of her shell at school to and the child who was once like Naomi and wouldn't talk is now miss social butterfly.
Jasmine is my sporty one, she is in a girls hockey league now and LOVES it they had their first major game and had to play against girls a lot bigger then they are! She also plays basketball and loves that as well.
Kobe is a little terror yet such a mamas boy he is all boy but smart as a whip about talking, favorite phrase is "mumee I break it" Yes I have to watch that boy like a hawk!
When we had our fist litter of pups I woke up to find Kobe in the whelping box with an arm full of pups, "awwww puppy!" I almost had a heart attack!
Other than that life is GREAT! We love our own place, we are living a nice life now we could have only dreamed of in our little tiny apartment! Only complaint I have? Life is just going by way too quickly!