Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Poor Bailey!

Ahhh, I have neglected to blog about this, but it has been a thorn in my side all summer. MRSA, look it up it's not cute. It is basically a staph infection that can live on surfaces for days and in the air as well, it can be passed from a sneeze...and can live in your nasal passage...oh man, it is a pain to get rid of!
My poor Jasmine was the first of the victims, she had spent time at her Dad's house when I was in the hospital. And developed a really painful boil on her back and other small ones in other places. Later I found out her father had had a boil at the time she was there, and that they had kept returning, but he had never gone to the Dr about it. So another nice gift from the ex...
The Dr. had drained Jasmine's boil and given her a prescription and I thought all was
The next on the list was Jaden and Kai-Li, both getting boils next to a cut, more meds more draining of painful disgusting boils, and these things just get bigger and bigger, the only thing that gets rid of them is this nasty antibiotic that can make some people really ill. Poor Kai-Li had several on her knee where she scrapped her knee, the bacteria goes in through cuts, and it was so painful for her to  have me drain them, basically scrape the top off and squeeze the puss out when it would start to look red. Then Bailey on his butt, I caught this one quickly one day when it was small and it drained and he was on meds and it went away, then Jaden got one on his back that was really bad, meds again. Then now just today Bailey has another one on his butt and now he has a fever, because he didn't want to tell me about it for fear of the painful draining. Uhg, the Dr. says he might have to be put on IV antibiotics if his fever doesn't go away with the mouth antibiotics. I am so over this! I have to give the kids baths in bleach to try and get rid of this nasty bacteria we have going on. I hope we can get rid of it, I do not wish it one anyone!

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