Wednesday, January 29, 2014

So many things have happened since I last updated. Naomi turned 5, Jaden is 14! I can't even believe that one. Jaden grew about 9 inches since his last birthday and has a manly voice now, it's crazy how quickly they grow up. My Business is  growing and keeps me very very busy, I am so blessed with wonderful customers and just such a great network of friends making it very successful. of course when you are breeding dogs it's hand to mouth pretty much! And food and vet bills make for very little profit, BUT and this is huge, they are finally paying for themselves and I am not spending anything out of pocket anymore which is awesome. I honestly love what I do and it is not for everyone I am sure, but I feel it's my calling. Everyday I get a phone call from someone who has lost their best friend and needs that void filled, and I get to do that for them! It feel great!
Little Kobe is such a little fire cracker, he is so quick witted and smart, and get this NOT shy....he will talk to anyone and everyone, and I wonder if it has to do with us having strangers in our house quite often now! LOL. Love that little guy he is such a blessing.
Kai-li has been chosen to be a role model at school in an in school program for kids who are lacking in social skills. It is so funny because not long ago (preschool) Kai-Li refuse to speak to anyone or her teachers and now here she is showing children who are just like she used to be how to make friends and be more social.
Jasmine is still my beauty queen, she is so well liked and so opposite of me it's crazy. She is always stylish and knows everyone, not shy of adults and has everyone wrapped around her finger. Not at all awkward and shy like I was at 12...oh boy is she even mine?
Bailey is as usual my little bad boy, he is neck and neck with Naomi in height and weight and still in size 5. But When I look at Jaden I know that there is hope he may grow as Jaden was also the same size at the same age. Bailey has that little man syndrome though....LOL
I think I have covered everyone...
Me I am just sick sick sick, I just want to start feeling better and not wasting so much food! Gi Jye is at the store right now grocery shopping and I gave him very little direction except for "Make sure it's something I don't need to cook.." LOL I am awful right now, but it will end soon...right? right? LOL

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