Wednesday, January 29, 2014

spending and more spending

He ran up to me and said "Mommy I so pretty!"(Kai-Li did his makeup) I took a picture and showed him how pretty he was, he still thought he looked pretty. LOL
I feel like I am spending so much money recently! First all new clothes for the kids and shoes backpacks etc.

Then Gymnastics and ballet is starting up again and there are the registration fees etc to pay.

We bought a "new" van and put a down payment plus paid taxes and registration fees as well as new insurance.

Then everything broke last month, microwave, DVD player etc. We put all new brakes and did an engine flush on our Honda Pilot.

Now Jasmine is turning 8 next month and I decided to get her a laptop since she has been begging for one forever and I think she is finally old enough to have one. I got a good deal on it, but still.......

I feel like I keep working and seem to have nothing really extra to show for it! I guess all the things are extra, but I really haven;t saved up anything this summer! I hope I can stop the spending for a while and save. But since we plan on going to Florida this winter something tells me if I do save anything it will be going toward the trip. I am estimating that for all of us it is going to be about 6,000...ouch! That is a high estimation, but I don't want to be under. Unfortunately Bailey will be three when we go, so he can't fly for free. But Naomi will.

I have been working four days a week now, with three days off in a row. It's nice to have those days off.

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