Thursday, February 20, 2014

Don't I have some good looking kids?

Man, I am knocked out with a sinus infection, at first I thought maybe I was wrong about the flu mist and that my kids had just caught a common flu when I came down with a 102 fever and headache, but as I felt the pressure on my eyes and could barely even move them without it hurting, I realized I have a full blown sinus infection. I used to get them like once a year and always ended up in the walk-in clinic for a dose of antibiotics.....

Ever since I moved here though I have been fine, but I guess my luck only lasts so long....DARN! I was up all night last night with a pounding headache in my eyes and fever times, I finally took like three ibuprofen and passed out after the headache finally went away...still feel the pressure though!

So, I feel a teeny bit better today, but not 100%, so glad I don't have to work today though!
The kids are all healthy now for the time being, which makes me even more sure about the flu mist being the culprit, when one is sick they all get sick, but Jaden, Naomi and Kai-Li (although she had a bad headache after) all remained puke and fever free.....than goodness!
Wow, it must be so exciting reading my blog lately...all about illnesses...ya, that's us.

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