Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Still here...:)

So it has been about 40 days since I got here, all kind of emotions have gone through me.

I am so happy he is almost 34 weeks  I cannot believe I made it this far. 
The kids are doing fine except for Jaden, I think he has been counting down and thought maybe tomorrow would be the day, but I explained to him that if the baby stays in only one more week we can bring him home with us and he won't have to stay here. I just hope that that happens, I really want everything to be OK, but I have been scared for so long, I just can't let go of the worry.
GJ had to bring Naomi to the ER on Friday, he has a double ear infection. It's her first ear infection. My kids have been very lucky and do not seem prone to them.
But he was sent home with 10 days of antibiotics and some ear drops which are a pain killer. I wish i knew what the Dr. had said. He couldn't tell me and didn't think to give the paperwork to my Mom. It is REALLY frustrating not being able to communicate on things like this and the language barrier gets hard. It's a test for sure on our love for each other. When you are in love you think language is no barrier, but when you have five plus kids and you aren't there to manage care, trust me it's a big barrier! He is good most of the time, but as far as listening to a Dr. he kind of loses it all...he mentioned something was in both ears....but couldn't tell me any details...

Oh well, hard to micro manage when I am in a hospital 45 minutes away!

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