Sunday, February 9, 2014

Rolling the dice is nice!

I usually don't gamble, but when I do, I always try to make it worth my time. Last week my friends on Facebook were pestering me about some kind of new game. It's called dice but not the regular kind you use for board games. There's a website where you can play with a virtual dice and bet on where it rolls.

Here's an example scenario. If you were betting on the dice stopping over 49, then you would press the "roll HI" button. Let's say the result was 70. That is within the range you selected, so you win!

As you can see, it's actually a good way to spend your time. I had a really nice winning streak when betting. In fact, one site claims that there's a bot for betting automatically. It should be able to do martingales and cancellation betting. I'm not a believer in those because you never win. There is a lot of lag that happens when you turn it on.

Naturally, you would probably blame variance if you lost too much, but it's actually because the sites are rigged. Entertainment is why I gamble, not for profit.

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