Saturday, February 8, 2014

old picture

Can you find Gi Jye in this picture?
He is in the second row, standing next to the guy in white (first time meeting his older brother from America) In the very back are Gi Jye's parents, his Dad looks so much like him, but skinnier. Same no smile face though! lol
You can tell how poor they are, all the kids are dirty and shoeless and the adults look all worn out. His parents are in their 40s here, but look much older.
The little girl in front is Gi Jye's younger sister. A lot of people think Kai-Li looks like her, but I don't see it in this picture. She is so skinny. Now though She is chubbier, and I can see Kai-Li in her a bit.
Gi Jye's kid face reminds me of Kai-Li because he still had the chubby cheeks! But if you look one over from Gi Jye, you see his brother "Bo bo" and I think he looks a lot like Kai-Li, same chubby nose and same mouth.
The two old people in front are Gi ye's grandparents. The light skinned girl in the back with the bangs is Gi yes oldest sister. She still lives in China. I wish the picture was better quality. Maybe I'll ask his Mom if I can copy it. This is just a picture I took with my camera of the
I didn't ask, but I am guessing this is his Mom's family and sisters, because they look alike.

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