Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I thought I would jot some stuff down real quick before I get going to work.
The kids are really enjoying school so far. Jaden is in fourth grade and seems to be doing well so far. His meds are giving him some side effects he doesn't enjoy, mostly an upset stomach. I am wondering if it is because he was off them all summer and now he needs to get used to them again? I am going to speak with his Dr. again and see if there isn't something we can do.
Jaden is also refusing to sleep in his won bed. He says he is scared and wants someone to sleep with. So I have been letting him and Jasmine sleep ion the same room. I guess it can't hurt anything and they both sleep well. Jaden is pretty sensitive and sometimes he gets thoughts that upset him and he can't sleep. The other night he said he kept thinking that Baily, Kai-Li and Naomi had died. I went in and prayed with him about it. Prayer always works for me even for the smallest thing. Like when I lose something I ask God to help me find it and I swear as soon as I break down and say the prayer 90% of the time I find what I was looking for! lol
Jasmine is miss perfect for her teacher. The girl is so paranoid what the teacher will think that most of the time she will skip breakfast because she wants to make sure she is there on time!
Kai-Li loves her class, it's only three days a week and no nap time (which she is happy about) she goes to the same school as Jaden and Jasmine and so she gets to feel like a big kid now.
I know she is on the shy side and when she gets nervous she will start hitting her head with her hand....lol What a nut.
Oh we bought a used van today Honda 2007 with 20,000 miles!

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