Saturday, February 15, 2014

poor baby

As many of you know I choose to wait until 2 years to vaccinate my children. Well one of the downsides to that is that until two years they could catch something not so nice.
* (Just looked it up, and supposedly the vaccine for rubella isn't given until later on, so she may have gotten it whether or not I vaccinate early.)
Well, guess who caught German measles? Yup, you guessed it, my only child under age two!
It's a mild illness, so nothing really worrisome, although it is itchy as it begins to heal.
It started with a rash on the legs and now is a full body rash. I'm going to post pictures in the morning (it's 3:26am now and she is sleeping, but she has been wanting to be nursing like all the time......)
Well, I guess if you want to look on the bright side, she is as good as vaccinated after this and won't have to worry about ever getting it again. I am just trying to wrack my brain as to where she may have picked it up, and the first guess would be at the Dr.'s office last week when I brought Jaden in for an appointment....gotta really love those Dr.'s office toys...ah hem....the funny thing is as I was bringing the there I was thinking to myself "hmmm, I wonder what we will pick up from there this time?" I guess I got my answer.

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